Am back in Japan after two great weeks in Europe. It hasn’t been noticeably shaking in Tokyo since my return! We are making progress I hope. Yesterday, a little demonstration took place in Shibuya. Anti-nuclear power. Maybe one hundred demonstrators flanked by 50 police men? One of the snitbits I overheard was that the Japanese shall stop making “gaman” being patient and endure. Yeah! Their main song was: Genpatsu iranai – we don’t need nuclear power.
Go go go!
I find it odd that the government asked Chubu Electric to shut down Hamaoka Nuclear Power plant. Makes you wonder whether something is wrong with the thing already or whether it’s just “only” the awful location of that plant between Tokyo and Nagoya right where they think the Tokai earthquake will hit. They are predicting this one for years already and has it happened there? No, it happened 500 km further north. In my opinion earthquake prediction is pretty futile. But I agree that it would be a damn good idea to shut Hamaoka down…
There are new products in the stores – electricity storage units for example that can supply juice to for example refrigerators during a power outage in summer. Trouble is such units cost 800,000 yen (10,000 $ or 7000 Euro) and more, haha… So far I only bought a solar battery charger, this little thing can be charged via a computer, the normal network or via solar cells and then can feed your phone and even (and that’s the important thing for me) your iPad, now ain’t that cool – powering your iPad with solar energy. That little device cost 7000 yen (90 $ or 60 Euro). So I’ll have no ice cream this summer but at least Internet…

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