Glowing Beaches?

With the summer and bathing season coming up, the Japanese authorities have started to measure the radioactivity of sea water at some major beach resorts all over Japan, as NHK reported this week. Funny thing is though that nobody knows what to do with the measurement results. Let’s say the authorities measure XX Becquerel in Chiba, what do these XX Becquerel tell us? At the moment nothing much, since nobody ever measured before and knows whether the XX is a lot or not. There is also no standard for how much is “safe” or “unsafe”. Standards will have to be established and “experts” will decide what the standard is for the future. It’s eye-opening to realize that the present has no meaning without a past.
And isn’t the entire Pacific ocean anyway more radioactive than it would naturally be, thanks to the numerous atom-bomb tests done by the French in the Moruroa and the Americans in the Bikini atolls?
I have the feeling as if the NHK news are changing a little bit, they show now anti-nuclear protests in Japan, report on the popular vote in Italy that said no thanks to nuclear energy, and they dryly commented on the “nobody knows what to do with these beach measurements and there are no standards in existence”. Another news station reported about a farmer in Fukushima who committed suicide because he saw no way out anymore (his produce is contaminated). The sensational news period is over, but the “little” things that effect our lives here so much more will continue for many years to come…
And oh, yes, there was an aftershock Tuesday night at exactly the same spot where the epicenter of the big one was, 5.9 on the Richter scale. What reached us on land was only a magnitude 1 to 3 but the earth is still shaking and shaking; in New Zealand as well and everywhere else along the Ring of Fire and it won’t stop the next million years or so… no choice but to live with it.

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