Chicago Nikki – 3

Today was girl’s day – meaning shopping, and I won’t bore people with that. Only that I am always for clothes shopping whenever I leave Japan, since it is not easy to find wearable pants and shoes for European sized women in Japan 😉

After the shopping spree and dumping the load in the hotel room, I took a little walk along the Chicago river towards the lake in an attempt to get a lake view but got quite a different view instead. Between the river and the row of skyscrapers on the river’s southern side are three layers of road, let me call them ground level, first and second basement. Ground level is for normal traffic, first basement is a sort of highway = through traffic, and I am not sure what the second basement is usually used for, but currently it has a quite special use.

Walking down the stairs to the river walk (a nice path between trees and bushes mostly used by joggers) a cluster of broken down police cars greeted me that looked very much like the finale of the Blues Brothers. Some twenty to thirty police cars piled up in a multiple car crash with the front car lying dramatically upside down. For a second I thought this was for real, the next second I thought, hey, it’s only police cars, this can’t be real, the third second I thought this is from Blues Brothers, but hey that’s how many years ago? 20? (It’s actually 32 years ago already! The original Blues Brothers movie is from 1980). Not very likely that they leave this stuff lying around there for 32 years.

Several other people were walking past as bedazzled as I was, snapping photos, and I asked one of them but he said he had no clue what this was about either and left again.
I discovered a bored looking security guy in a yellow vest and decided to approach him and ask him what this was about.
He said that this is a set from a movie called Doomsday 3 (I suppose it’s the 3rd part of this one here, though I couldn’t find a part 2)

They are apparently shooting the thing around Chicago and the police car pile up will remain there for another two months, the security guy said. The car pile up is a mere 100 meters away from my hotel. Interesting.

I completed my walk to the lake shore, but there was not much lake to see at this spot because of a large marina with huge and rich boats, one nicer than the other (some photos on Flickr later, as well as from the car pile up (one pic is already on twitter)).
Plan for tomorrow is river cruise and the Gateway Park with Ferris wheel and other attractions. And from Thursday onwards it’ll be convention!

3 thoughts on “Chicago Nikki – 3

  1. Shopping seems to be dangerous these days. I had a girl’s day (i.e. 3 hours of time without the kids) too, yesterday, and was set on shopping the whole Munich city center area. Which turned out to be closed off due to a WW2 bomb – no underground trains running, noone allowed on the streets, residents evacuated within a 1 km radius, and of course, all shops closed. Ended up not buying anything. I hope you were more successful.
    On a sidenote: Isn’t doomsday the time when the world ends. So what sense does a sequel make…? 😉
    Enjoy Chicago and the convention!

  2. Oh my! That sounds awful. Nothing that exciting ever happened in Munich while I was living there! lol. But Otsukaresama for the hustle! An yes, Doomsday 3… even the Doomsday is not e singular event anymore on this planet! lol

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