Small and Big Events

Don’t you think this was an odd week news-wise? Some of the news weren’t big, some were, but I found the combination quite remarkable. At first the North Koreans make a nuclear test and the world stands there gaping and finds itself not really able to do anything against the madmen. One can only hope the Chinese get more real with the North Koreans and tell them to quit that shit.

Talking of quitting – then the Pope quits! I didn’t even know he could do a thing like that and no Pope has done it in 600 years. I’ve been Catholic once and feel still a little bit of an interest as to what the Catholics are doing. I know a lot of people are alienated by what Pope Benedict did, but I actually think he made a great move. Better a new Pope than a sick and suffering one who cannot function anymore and cope with his office. Respect that he did this astonishingly radical thing and quit.

Then the smaller news, yet another cruise ship in trouble from the same company as the Costa Concordia that sank last year, 4000 people trapped on the boat without power and overflowing toilets – yuk! Surely a trip to remember. I cannot help but wonder what would happen if something like that were to occur on the “70,000 Tons of Metal” tour. I am itching to attend that cruise one day, but imagine: some 2000 heavy metal fans and 40 bands trapped on a malfunctioning cruise ship. 😉 I guess the metal fans would simply continue with the giant party! But alas… no juice – no e-guitars – crap! 😉

Next, the “blade runner” – that South African Olympian – shoots his girlfriend, or at least seems to have shot his girlfriend and weeps his eyes out in the first court hearing. What the hell happened to the guy, at first a “hero” and now this?

And last but not least giant fireballs in the sky in Russia and countless broken windows due to a couple of meteorites that suddenly land in your front yard at 30 kilometers per second. Some of the footage of the fireball(s) is pretty awesome, though of course it was no fun for the more than 1000 people with glass splinters in their faces.

Quite a week, hu? Now what always gets to me is the fact that less than a hundred years ago the world wouldn’t know such news. The Tunguska event happened in 1908 and it was way bigger than what came down now in Chelyabinsk and I am rather sure the average dude in Europe or elsewhere at the time had no clue about it. I sometimes wonder whether it’s a blessing or a curse that we live in instant information age. Though admittedly, this week’s big and small events were all pretty darn interesting, even if some of them had freak-show character.

10 thoughts on “Small and Big Events

  1. Meteorites and fireballs were fascinating, though yeah also hard on the poor people of Russia.

    70000 tons of metal has to be done one day…..imagine lifeboat with your favourite stars haha 😉

  2. Pope resigns; lightning strikes St. Peter’s 4 hours later; meteor crash in Russia; nuclear test by North Korea. All portents and omens: it’s the end of the world (as we know it), Regina! 🙂

    At least some will surely see it that way. As I posted on Facebook, a good opportunity to sell books on the apocalypse!

  3. The 70,000 tons of metal thing seems to be whispering “Write me! Write me! I want to be a book…”. Altough, considering the protagonists + setting, it is probably screaming it at the top of its lungs. 😉

  4. Haha Tanja 🙂 i vote for it as a book! Perhaps Hagen finds himself there in book 3 when he discovers his dad is the lead singer in a black metal band 😉

  5. Hi Mark,

    Hm… interesting idea, I’m afraid though, or I rather guarantee that Hagen’s daddy is someone way bigger/scarier than a singer in a metal band! hehe 😉

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