Bacteria – Part 4

Today I had an appointment (which was fixed a month ago) at the big university hospital I stayed at six weeks earlier, for the decision whether to do sinus surgery in May or not.
Over the weekend I debated with myself whether to go, considering the coronavirus situation, but eventually decided to get it over with.
The hospital it was spookingly empty. Next to every door of the ENT section hung a small poster saying politer than me but not less decisive (in Japanese of course): “You ain’t getting no PCR test here. If you think you have coronavirus, call the call centers and follow their guidance. Do not come here if you have more than four days of fever, cough, breathing difficulties etc. Call the centers!”
Of course it’s kinda too late to post that inside the hospital, but what else are they supposed to do. Since it was very empty, just two other people in the large waiting area, I got to see my doc after a five minute wait. After talks about my situation were done, I bluntly asked him if he is seeing any coronavirus patients and his answer was no. He said that coronavirus is handled in Japan by “internal” medicine and not ENT. He added that “internal” has a hard time, but he is actually far less busy than usual right now! Most of the operations he is in charge of have been rescheduled or outright cancelled… very interesting.
I was in and out of the hospital under half an hour, phew!
As for my personal situation: At the moment no operation is needed. Another big phew! There might be one in the future some time, since my sinuses are not the greatest, but not now. My nose is as clear as it hasn’t been in a long while 🙂 To be clear, the cancellation of my sinus operation is not due to a capacity problem, but because the sinuses are much better! 🙂
The not so good news is that the teeth trouble is far from over. Still treatment needed for numbers 4 and 5 after number 7 was pulled last month and no guarantee yet that 4 and 5 can be saved. But the nose is much better and that’s great 🙂
At last month’s check up, they also took another blood sample to make an allergy test. I was very interested to get those results, since my last proper allergy test was done a longish while ago when I was a student in Munich. On a severity scale from 0 to 6 my highest score is 2, which translates into a clear if mild allergy against cats (sniff… well, I knew that already). The same score of 2 also showed on various grass related plants. A score of 1, meaning possibility of an allergic reaction, I got for house dust, mites and some cedar trees.
Funny thing is that the grass related stuff blooms in June and July, but I never had trouble with these months yet. I always have some trouble with April and May, so those trees are worse even if I only scored 1. Thankfully all the allergies are only mild. If my sneezing and eye-itching is what you get at level 1 or 2, I don’t wanna know how bad people are off at level 6!
As far as the hospital is concerned, I am not off the hook yet. I have an appointment now for July where doc wants to do another CT scan to see how things developed and I’m supposed to finish my teeth stuff until then. So that’s the goal and I reported promptly to my dentist a few hours later when I had my appointment there. We will continue the teeth gauntlet weekly, still trying to save number 4 and 5…
But, for the first time since August last year I am not taking any nose meds anymore from tomorrow onwards, yeah!
So let me hope that the nose stays quiet, that the teeth will get repaired somehow, and that I can dodge any corona bullets! Cheers!

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