I’m Even Sadder than in 2016, America

After the US election in 2016, I wrote this blog entry:
Now I’m even sadder than in 2016, but also angrier, much angrier.
Let’s look a bit at history. The last elections in Germany, before Hitler became a dictator, were in March 1933. At that time around 65 million people lived in what was Germany back then. In the 1933 elections there were 44.6 million registered voters, around 39.7 million people voted. 17.3 million voted for Hitler’s NSDAP, that’s 43.6 percent. Hitler did not have a majority in parliament. The simplified version of what happened then is that he made some coalitions with other parties and pushed the “enabling act” through parliament, which gave him a ridiculous amount of power = which made him into a dictator.
Let that sink in please, (only) 17.3 million people voted for him.
No matter who will eventually come out as the winner of the US elections in 2020, around 70 million people voted for what I have come to call the Orange Fart Face.
Let that sink in please, 70 million people.
Despite the ginormous pile of bullshit from the Orange Fart Face and his joke of a government over the past nearly four years, there are still 70 million people who voted for him. There are 70 million people who do not care about or even welcome racism, fascism, lies, dishonesty, meanness, bullying, zero care for others and and and. There are 70 million people who have voted for a creature (I refuse to call him human) who is lying whenever he opens his ugly snout, who is a sick narcissist, who has zero respect or compassion for other human beings, who is an egomaniac and throws tantrums like a five-year-old and and and…
This means there are 70 million people whose ethics are questionable, whose values are screwed up, who hide behind “freedom” without realizing that they are destroying it, who live in a fantasy world of fear, lies and fake news.
Even if Biden wins the election – how the hell is he, or anybody, supposed to deal with these distorted 70 million people?
My underlying optimism had hoped that Biden would win in a landslide, that there would be a hell of a lot of people who would have realized and learned from the past four years of bullshit that their Fuehrer is fucking sick in the head. But no, there are 70 million people who are as mad as the Orange Fart Face they voted for.
I feel endlessly sorry for the these 70 million, who must be living in quite a hellish fantasy world. I feel endlessly sorry for the sane people in the US, who have to live as neighbors of those disturbed 70 million.
Nobody knows how to get out of this. Nobody knows how to heal this deeply divided nation. It would be madness to expect of Biden to heal the nation in case he will manage to become the next president. If the Orange Fart Face wins somehow after all, cheating, lying and threatening his way through the swamp, then good night, four more years of the Orange Fart Face will break the place for good and maybe the whole world with it.
One thing is for sure, democracy in the US is broken, presumably dead already, considering 70 million people who give a shit about democratic values. Those 70 million should make their own state and call it Gilead and leave the rest of the world alone.
Where does the madness come from? In my humble opinion it is rooted in the relentless version of capitalism of the US, in greed, Darwinism and “everyone for him or herself”. Too much “freedom”, without a social safety net, has led the place to the edge of the cliff.
My optimism is down the toilet, my faith in humanity with it. The only hope that remains is that Biden will win and that we don’t have to see the utter ugliness of the Orange Fart Face on TV anymore.
So far the opinion of a sad, angry and disillusioned German.

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