Below please find links to my so far published short stories:

The Wolpertinger: a humorous contemporary fantasy short published in the Big Pulp anthology “Clones, Fairies & Monsters in the Closet.”

Black Sand: Lovecraftian horror published by Innsmouth Free Press.

Snot Creek Valley: Horror story published by The Dark Fiction Spotlight and is now part of an anthology: Thadd Presley Presents: Creature Feature.

The Park: Horror story published by Three Crow Press.

The Scroll: Fantasy story published in GlassFire Magazine Vol 4. Issue 4.

Red Building: SF story published in M-Brane SF #7.

As the Crow Flies: SF short story´╗┐ published by Anthrozine (in Anthro 19#).

My Friend, the Zombie: Zombie story published by A Fly in Amber magazine´╗┐.

The Ghosts of Tinian


Seeing Stone: Humorous high fantasy story published Big Pulp (now off the net).

The Chasm: Horror story published by Afterburn SF (now off the net).

Lunatic: SF story published by Strange, Weird & Wonderful Magazine (now off the net).