A Big Thanks to the Characters of the Anatomy of Anarchy

Five years after the “Dome Child” the second “Dome of Souls” novel “The Anatomy of Anarchy” is now out there in the ether.
Of the books I have published so far, this is the one that causes the fuzziest feelings. The characters in this book all feel like relatives or at least good old friends. And good old friends they are, the first version of the Anatomy dates back from around the year 2001. I invented them a bloody damn 15 years ago. No wonder they feel like family. The original version of the Anatomy was written in screenplay format then abandoned, until the “Dome” bug bit me again and I pulled the Anatomy back out in 2014 and rewrote it from scratch.

The characters have much evolved since their first infant version in 2001. They truly have grown and become adults.
Master Darnar, my good old villain buddy. What a wonderful asshole he is, cunning and shrewd plus a bit crazy.
His brutal side-kick Mortimer.
The loud and shiny Juggernaut.
My wonderful Dome Guild Master – Eveless – the bitchy white goddess.
Her side-kick Henry, whom you just want to hug and kiss on the cheek.
Eveless’ melancholic partner Marusar who you just want to slap and shake the whole time.
The slippery Zero, Master of the “Bottom Guild”.
My wise and too honest alien, Lofgar.
Darryl, that old coward of a sect guru.
The nasty, slimy inquisitor Brother Mathew.
That unbearable brat Rila.
The prudish and tragic Claude.
The always drugged inventor Talip.
The weird Bottomers – the Admiral, Creeper, Pinky and Zora.
The mutants… oh, the mutants.
And the one who holds them all together – my tragic hero Floyd Takashimoto. Floyd feels more like a brother to me than my actual brother. Floyd who tries to do good, who only wants the best, but never quite makes it. Floyd, who has brilliant moments and qualities that have never been nurtured, as Master Darnar once says.

It’s quite an ensemble in the Anatomy of Anarchy and all play their part in the inevitable outcome. It felt overwhelming and a too big task to write this book, my longest and most complicated as of yet, but once I was again surrounded by all those familiar guys and girls who I invented 15 years ago, the inevitable ending pulled everything in place like a center of gravity.

It’s been great fun writing you guys. I’m kinda sad that it’s done now.
But the “Dome” continues and “Jeronimo” awaits, which is the true center of gravity and which was the beginning of the “Dome” idea in 1997… OMG! Next year, 20 years on, the plan is to finally, finally get this off my chest. Like the Anatomy, Jeronimo was originally a screenplay, last year it became a novel, written from scratch again like the Anatomy and after some more polishing it shall come out next year.
But for now – here’s: The Anatomy of Anarchy
And thank you my dear characters, I’ve had a great time with you!