Writing Progress Report

I haven’t posted a book progress update in a while. So here is one. The fourth Dome of Souls novel is all but ready. It’s proofread, I have a cover, only thing I need to do is to format it and start the publishing process.
Under my pseudonym, I also have a cover for the latest beast and it is ready and currently at the proofreader. Once I get it back, I have to make the final changes and then that one will be good to go too.
So what’s keeping me from doing the final steps of the fourth Dome of Souls novel? The fifth one! 😉 I’m in the process of writing its first draft and it’s been going very smoothly and quickly and I’m already at 75,000 words. I expect the beast to have between 90,000 and 100,000 words in the end, so not much more to go. I’m pushing for the completion of the first draft to stay in the nice and steady creation flow it is in now. While Dome 3 = Jeronimo and Dome 4 = “title to be announced soon”, took a while to write, Dome 5 is like Dome 2 = The Anatomy of Anarchy, it practically wrote itself, because the story was all very clear in my head already.
It was and is a great pleasure to be writing Dome 5 due to this “the book writes” itself aspect. I’m at it for seven weeks now and I suppose the first draft will be finished after ten weeks or so. That would be my second quickest time ever for finishing the first draft of a novel, the fastest being and probably remaining “To Mix and To Stir”, the second Hagen Patterson novel, which took me a mere five weeks to write.
I’m always talking about the initial drafts here, the self-editing etc. process is so much longer than the first draft. “To Mix and To Stir” remains the fastest book also in the department of the overall process including self-editing, and editing/proofreading by someone else. To Mix and To Stir came out nine months after I started with the beast.
The pseudonym book coming out soon is the second fastest. Since I suppose it will be ready in January or February, it took/will take 13 or 14 months from writing to putting it out there. So far so good! I better get back to Dome 5, because I am itching to finish that first draft :-)
Dome 4 will probably come out in January or February too, once I get around to formatting it 😉 Cheers!

And Then There Were Three

I just received the proof copy of Jeronimo and all looks fine. So I pushed the publication button and the novel should be available on Amazon worldwide within the next few days.
The trio looks good! 🙂

For Jeronimo, the Keeper’s tower is actually in the center of the picture, but since the picture bends around the spine, just looking at the cover, the tower seems off center. But, I kind of like it because the centrist world of Jeronimo is about to be unbalanced mightily by the course of events 😉

The trio looks good from every angle and it also shows the mightiness of the Anatomy of Anarchy, which is a bit longer than its two brothers Dome Child and Jeronimo 😉

I’m already looking forward to add number four to the bunch – I’m writing it right now. The fourth Dome of Souls novel will be called “Red Angel 42”.

I’m now working on the Kindle conversion of Jeronimo. Let’s see how long that will take, since the process seems to be changed compared to a year ago. Well, it’ll work somehow!
In the meantime I’ll have a juka2 (I wish) and enjoy the ride.
Happy birthday, Jeronimo!

Twenty Years of the “Dome”

As long as twenty years ago, I had the first idea for the “Dome of Souls” series.
It all started with the world of Jeronimo, and twenty years on, the story will finally see the official day of light. It has changed a lot over those twenty years.
Here is the gorgeous cover by Katho Sensei.
Jeronimo started as a television series screenplay, became a role playing game for a few session, then continued as a screenplay.

After Jeronimo, I wrote (in screenplay format) it’s prequel The Anatomy of Anarchy, which saw the light of day last year, then I wrote two sequels, which are not yet published.
Next, I abandoned the whole series and switched from screenplays to novels. I wrote the pre-prequel of Jeronimo, the Dome Child and published it in 2011.
After Dome Child came out, I thought I was done with the Dome for good and turned to other stories, some of which have been published under my name, others under a pseudonym.
But then, in around 2014, the Dome bug bit me again. This story has been with me my entire adult life and it wanted to make its way out into the world. This time I stayed in chronological order and completely rewrote the Anatomy of Anarchy without even looking again at its old screenplay version. I highly enjoyed writing the Anatomy and it flowed very well. I published it exactly one year ago, then turned to the center piece, to the idea and world that started it all and I found rewriting Jeronimo to be a tough job. Maybe half of its original version was scrapped.
In the next few weeks, I’ll proudly publish the new Jeronimo, twenty years after its first version. Many of its characters feel almost like real people to me. I know them for twenty years! Most of all the protagonist of course, Jiroemon, or short Jiro. Jiro actually did not change too much from his original version, but the story around him changed quite massively over the course of time. He’s like my younger brother, kind of 😉

At the moment I am rewriting the Jeronimo sequel from scratch, which is also a tough exercise, since the Jeronimo sequels have to change a lot after the changes applied to Jeronimo. But I’m getting there, I think, 200 pages of the first Jeronimo sequel are already written. At the moment six Dome of Souls novels are concretely planned, three and a half are written. Considering writing time, I might be finished with the Dome of Souls series after twenty-five years. Well, only five more to go and twenty behind me.
Good luck out there in the big world, Jiro, I hope a few people read about you 😉
It truly does feel like I’m releasing my little brother who I cared for and nursed twenty long years out into the wild!
And when you read Jeronimo, you will finally find out why my homepage is called juka-productions, some ten years or so since it came into existence. 😉

A Big Thanks to the Characters of the Anatomy of Anarchy

Five years after the “Dome Child” the second “Dome of Souls” novel “The Anatomy of Anarchy” is now out there in the ether.
Of the books I have published so far, this is the one that causes the fuzziest feelings. The characters in this book all feel like relatives or at least good old friends. And good old friends they are, the first version of the Anatomy dates back from around the year 2001. I invented them a bloody damn 15 years ago. No wonder they feel like family. The original version of the Anatomy was written in screenplay format then abandoned, until the “Dome” bug bit me again and I pulled the Anatomy back out in 2014 and rewrote it from scratch.

The characters have much evolved since their first infant version in 2001. They truly have grown and become adults.
Master Darnar, my good old villain buddy. What a wonderful asshole he is, cunning and shrewd plus a bit crazy.
His brutal side-kick Mortimer.
The loud and shiny Juggernaut.
My wonderful Dome Guild Master – Eveless – the bitchy white goddess.
Her side-kick Henry, whom you just want to hug and kiss on the cheek.
Eveless’ melancholic partner Marusar who you just want to slap and shake the whole time.
The slippery Zero, Master of the “Bottom Guild”.
My wise and too honest alien, Lofgar.
Darryl, that old coward of a sect guru.
The nasty, slimy inquisitor Brother Mathew.
That unbearable brat Rila.
The prudish and tragic Claude.
The always drugged inventor Talip.
The weird Bottomers – the Admiral, Creeper, Pinky and Zora.
The mutants… oh, the mutants.
And the one who holds them all together – my tragic hero Floyd Takashimoto. Floyd feels more like a brother to me than my actual brother. Floyd who tries to do good, who only wants the best, but never quite makes it. Floyd, who has brilliant moments and qualities that have never been nurtured, as Master Darnar once says.

It’s quite an ensemble in the Anatomy of Anarchy and all play their part in the inevitable outcome. It felt overwhelming and a too big task to write this book, my longest and most complicated as of yet, but once I was again surrounded by all those familiar guys and girls who I invented 15 years ago, the inevitable ending pulled everything in place like a center of gravity.

It’s been great fun writing you guys. I’m kinda sad that it’s done now.
But the “Dome” continues and “Jeronimo” awaits, which is the true center of gravity and which was the beginning of the “Dome” idea in 1997… OMG! Next year, 20 years on, the plan is to finally, finally get this off my chest. Like the Anatomy, Jeronimo was originally a screenplay, last year it became a novel, written from scratch again like the Anatomy and after some more polishing it shall come out next year.
But for now – here’s: The Anatomy of Anarchy
And thank you my dear characters, I’ve had a great time with you!