Pebble vs. iWatch

So, I couldn’t resist and bought an iWatch, of course the cheapest model, which is still way too expensive in my humble opinion. It replaces my Pebble that I had for a year and that worked for about 8 months or so.
Comparing prices – I think I paid about 13,000 Yen (~ 95 Euro) for the Pebble, now a juicy 46,000 Yen (~ 340 Euro) including taxes for the iWatch.

Of course the iWatch is much prettier in design and it has a color touch display. Pebble was black and white and navigation was only possible via buttons. Pebble is a Hong Kong based product (I think, though the website’s “contact us” address is the US) and I bought it on a Cathay Pacific flight from Japan to Taiwan last year. I am not sure whether it’s available in Japan or Europe over the counter.
Unfortunately, my Pebble developed a display malfunction after some 8 months of use resulting in a sometimes working and sometimes not working display.

Basically, the Pebble had everything that the iWatch has too, apps for counting your steps, showing the weather, maps, tweets, alerts, mails, messages, etc. Navigation was more difficult/inconvenient due to button only on the Pebble, but the Pebble had one distinct advantage over the iWatch – one battery charge lasted for some four or five days, depending on how heavily you used it, in contrast to the iWatch, that you basically have to recharge once a day.

I heard some people complained about the iWatch draining the iPhone battery, but I have not had this problem yet.
Another iWatch advantage so far is that its connection to the iPhone is rather stable, while Pebble demanded frequent re-pairing and updates.

All in all I was happy with the Pebble, though of course not with the fact that it lasted for merely eight months.
Overall I am happy with the iWatch too, but not with its price. A price of around 25,000 Yen (~ 185 Euro) seems like a reasonable price for an iWatch to me considering what it can do and how it looks like, not double that. I wonder whether Apple’s marketing strategy and pricing strategy for the thing will work. I kinda doubt it. Let’s see how soon the price will drop.

Would I buy a Pebble again? No – it’s too „inelegant“ and it also broke after eight months. Would I buy an iWatch again? No, not for this juicy price.
But now the iWatch is telling me to get up again, in order to fulfill my calory-burn goal for the day, so I better stop writing 😉