Basic Instincts

Last week I wrote a “neutral” report about the contents of the Tokyo Motor Show, today though I’d like to explain, why I would never ever pay for a Tokyo Motor Show ticket by myself and go there voluntarily.
While there are of course many people going to car shows because of the vehicles, there is also a tribe of (male) people who don’t give a rats ass about cars, but who go there with the sole purpose of taking photos of pretty young women in short skirts.
These people are male, ugly, many of them are a bit older, and I find it simply disgusting to see these drooling farts eagerly shooting pictures of pretty women with huge, fat, expensive, compensating for something cameras.

There is a lot of talk at the moment, finally, about hordes of men in the show business and elsewhere abusing women sexually. You don’t have to look at Hollywood for that, it’s everywhere.
I stood at the booth of my company for only one afternoon and I’ve seen enough. There was a dude, ugly, in his fifties, slimy, drooling, fat camera, who was talking to one of the miniskirt girls with her laughing embarrassed. I am very glad they were too far away for me to hear what they were talking about…
Another creature, same description as above, but a different guy, tried to “get in contact” with one of the girls by having printed out a still he had shot of her… Yet another creature, same description, different guy, printed out the girls’ names (dunno where he got them from) and gave them attributes: Sexy XX, beautiful YY, sultry ZZ. Then he made them pose for him holding up their big lettered printouts……. I could have vomited.

As long as the human society is tolerating such behavior, as long as car show producers work with sexy girls, as long as we pay women for doing such things, there will be sexual harassment. For the women at car shows it’s of course easily earned money and some of them looked like they were truly enjoying the attention, teasing and playing with the drooling creatures. But the thought of what these creatures do with the photos, the thought of one or the other of them masturbating onto print outs for example… Humans are still ruled by instincts and we are not too far away from our animal brethren…
And now I need a drink.

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