Got Out

I was quite moved this week by the videos of the North Korean soldier who escaped to the South. How his car broke down, how he fled on foot only meters in front of other soldiers shooting at him. Whatever news reach us around this guy is of course to be handled with caution now – fake news, ne… but let’s assume it’s the truth that the guy joined the army at 17 as he says. I think none of us can imagine what kind of life he has led so far. They did not only pull bullets out of him (he got hit five times) but also worms from his intestines due to malnutrition etc.

The daring escape looked like from a movie and uh… how much courage it takes to do a thing like that. Once his truck broke down, it was all or nothing of course and it was surely better for him to get shot and killed than the prospect of capture. There are unconfirmed news bits now that the soldiers chasing him were all replaced… one has to wonder what will become of those poor chaps. One can also only hope that the escaped guy, Mr. Oh, if that’s really his name, had no family, since if so, they will suffer for his escape.
I wonder just how many years or decades it will yet take until the North Korean people are free of that regime. But one thing is for sure, the madness of a certain Agent Orange is NOT helping to improve the situation.

I hope for Mr. Oh that he will recover and find some peace and a better life in the South after his dramatic escape. But even more than that I dearly hope that the creatures sitting at the buttons of weapons of mass destruction will keep their fucking fingers to themselves…