Dome Child – Revised and Abridged

It’s almost five years since I released my novel Dome Child into the harsh world out there. Back then I thought Dome Child would be a stand alone and that I would not go back to the Dome of Souls world, which has been with me since – OMG – around 1997 (!). I wrote the Dome of Souls stories in screenplay format and only the Dome Child, which I started in 2007, was originally written as a novel.
Dome Child Cover small
After the release of Dome Child, I thought I was done with the Dome of Souls world, but before long the bug bit me again and I decided to rewrite everything from scratch and this time in novel format.
I wrote four TV series, the first is called Jeronimo (the J is deliberate), the central piece of the Dome of Souls world. Next I wrote a prequel to Jeronimo called The Anatomy of Anarchy, then the two sequels of Jeronimo.
Things stopped there because I was turning away from screenplay format and wrote the pre-prequel of Jeronimo: Dome Child as a novel. A sixth story always spooked in my head but has so far never been written down.
Rewriting the Anatomy of Anarchy from scratch into novel format was much more fun than expected and it changed quite dramatically compared to the screenplay version.

The Anatomy is now finally ready for release and will come out in July (I hope… I’d like to bring it out in June already, but I will be on a longish international business trip plus some holidays that will interfere with the publishing plans)
Taking the release of the Anatomy as a trigger – five years after Dome Child, I took up the Dome Child again and revised it.
I was very pleased that I am still fully behind the story, the plot, and the characters of Dome Child, but the revision was very necessary, since I’ve learned a lot about writing the past 5 years. I reduced the Dome Child from from 397 to 371 pages, deleting some scenes, shortening others, revising wording. None of the shortening affects the overall plot. These are my greatest problems, I think, over-wordy sentences (I blame my German mother tongue for that) and repetition. I suffer from the phenomenon: some things are so “awesome”, they need to be said a couple of times in other words…
I am confident that the revised Dome Child is more compact and flows better now, but the process made me kinda wonder just how much I would throw out if I were to repeat this revision process in another five years? 😉
Anyway, to prepare for the release of the Anatomy – here is the revised Dome Child.
I am contemplating whether to open another Wattpad account (I have one for books published under a pseudonym) and whether to make the Dome Child available for free in that format… for the moment that decision is postponed to July when I’ll be back from that longish business trip/holidays.

All in all I am very happy with having revised the Dome Child and am determined to finally “finish” the Dome of Souls series. Jeronimo is already written anew from scratch (and it changed even more dramatically than the Anatomy), its two sequels that already existed in screenplay format are not yet done and the last novel, the never yet written book, also awaits. Even if I manage to release one Dome of Souls novel per year, it’ll be 2020 until the thing is done! And how knows, maybe number 6 won’t be the last word? You never know with the Dome of Souls.
For now – here is the revised Dome Child and the Anatomy will see the light of day in July 🙂

Revision Drive

I cannot put a finger on what exactly triggered my current “revision drive”, but 2 days after I returned from my big trip to India, I spontaneously and seemingly out of the blue took out a novel that I had abandoned as a “failure” in 2012. I read it again, got an idea how to fix it and worked on it intensively for two weeks. I abandoned one aspect and rewrote the ending. Next I jumped immediately into a novel that I abandoned half a year ago and got an idea how to fix this one too, even more radical than the 2012 one. With the 2015 novel I threw out the main character and am making now two side characters into the main ones while keeping the general story idea.
I am quite amazed by my radical revision, I haven’t changed the main character in a novel yet. I am enthralled by what’s going on and I wonder what the hell triggered this radical revising?

I talked with a friend about it and he suggested – the general chaos in India that I saw? After giving that some thought, I tend to agree with him. The astounding chaos I encountered in India showed me another lifestyle, other problems, other possibilities than my European and Japanese background offers. I cannot even fathom how deep the Japanese influence goes, since I’m too far emerged into the Japanese lifestyle after more than 15 years out here, but India was such a sharp contrast to the in its own way heavily regulated and orderly life in Japan that it triggered a different point of view. It opened up a path of possibilities.

Throwing out the main character? OMG! Hm… actually, why not? What would happen if I center the story around those two side characters? Aren’t they actually much more interesting? Haven’t you abandoned the story because it doesn’t work, is too passive? Won’t it become much more active when you focus on those other guys? Won’t there be a completely different dynamic if you do that? The answer is “yes!” – at least in this case and I am enthusiastically rewriting the entire novel and have fallen in love with those two former side characters.

In the case of the 2012 novel I changed something about the world. I originally wanted it to be a tidally locked planet, but the mechanics didn’t work out. Now I suddenly thought, why the heck does it have to be a tidally locked planet? The story and the characters will work on any planet, in fact they’ll work better if that tidally locked planet idea is thrown overboard.

So, this is what I’m doing since 27th of December, heavily rewriting those two novels and I’m suddenly feeling very good about both of them.
They also make me postpone some publishing plans, yes, sure, but what the heck, I gotta use that current revision drive 😉
What I do have to say though is a big thank you to India for opening up my mind to other possibilities. Traveling is one of the most inspiring and wonderful things to do. I haven’t decided yet where I’ll go next 😉